Submitter: Alexander Tavares
Submitted: 2021-01-26 14:31:39 UTC
Flight Number
757-200 (75D) DL
Flight Time
Planned Departure
01/21/2021 19:31:34
Actual Departure
01/21/2021 19:26:06
Planned Arrival
01/21/2021 22:17:34
Actual Arrival
01/21/2021 22:46:06
Overall Opinion
Satisfied (80%)
Landing Rate
-131 FPM
Block Time
Notable Events
Unsafe Takeoff
Moderately Ahead of Schedule
Unexpected Arrival Delay
Soft Landing
Unsafe Landing
I'll definitely be recommending you at work!
I'm totally telling my friends about this airline!
That was not a safe takeoff!
That was not a safe landing!
That landing was very smooth!
Nothing better than a few mid-flight drinks!
Patsy Roberts
Alexander Bowen
Madison Silva
Bradley Allen
Brittany Porter
Olivia Perez
Brent Daniel
David Peterson
Kelly Matthews
Fred McCoy
Ronald Fisher
Priscilla Dawson
Rene Phillips
Patrick Watts
Clayton Murphy
Maureen Johnston
Brandon Fields
Ronnie Hughes
Suzanne Fox
Carole Stewart
Cory Holland
Everett Rhodes
Margie Howell
Miriam Mcdaniel
Gail Pierce
Max Moore
Donald Lawrence
Carlos Soto
Floyd Adams
Eduardo Richards
Kurt Berry
Jack Holt
Gloria Rice
Oliver Holland
Ivan Fuller
Marlene Rodriguez
Tamara Curry
Victor Howell
Wanda Burke
Kenneth Walters
Peggy Armstrong
Christopher Garcia
Bill Hansen
Raul Jenkins
Joseph Simmons
Kimberly Keller
Corey Love
Judy Simpson
Albert Edwards
Shelly Tate
Leah Peters
Vicki Ramirez
Fernando Carroll
Rose Long
Sherri Reyes
Alexis Porter
Jamie Morrison
Oscar Frazier
Curtis Garza
Mario Curtis
Dustin Jimenez
Eleanor Hunter
Kathleen Burns
Bobby Fuller
Albert Pierce
Anne Obrien
Joann Russell
Anthony Reeves
Elaine Burns
Larry Phillips
Andy Turner
Tom Greene
Tara Hunt
Amanda Gardner
Brent Chapman
Shane Martin
Mitchell Freeman
Seth White
Sam Howell
Monica Peters
Darrell Ruiz
Emma Garcia
Lawrence Wheeler
Mike Stephens
Walter Henry
Sue Soto
Annette Gutierrez
Michelle Sanchez
Joyce Oliver
Rebecca Curry
Roy Bryant
Gabriel Dixon
Isaac Butler
Lucille Thompson
Walter Larson
Beverly Jimenez
Ryan Kim
Reginald Ellis
Andrew Wright
Jerry Romero
Donald Williams
Patrick Carter
Christopher Chavez
Florence Larson
Terry Mason
Morris Riley
Stephen Hanson
Elsie McKinney
Gilbert Harvey
Yolanda Sanders
Veronica Daniel
Ryan Curry
Melanie Freeman
Troy Sutton
Amy Jackson
Brad Peterson
Ross Frazier
Dolores Chapman
Debbie Dixon
Cassandra Bishop
Katie Moreno
Gerald Martinez
Marcia Lyons
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